At Redemption Hill we believe the primary disciple-making of children happens within the home.

So, it is our hope to partner with families in the pursuit of this mission, coming alongside them as they faithfully disciple their children. We do this in a variety of age-appropriate ways:

Littlest ones -> ages 0-2 -> we tangibly show the love, care, and nurture of Jesus through interactive play and attention to individual needs. 

Preschool -> ages 2-4 -> we help children establish a foundation on God’s Word through Bible stories, crafts, song, prayer, and monthly Scripture memorization. Using the Jesus Storybook Bible, we show how all of Scripture points to Jesus. A weekly email is sent to parents outlining the upcoming Sunday for their child. This is a resource for parents to continue the conversation of who God is and what He has done in the person and work of Jesus based on what your child is being taught that week. 

School-aged -> kindergarten + -> we encourage school-aged children to join their family during the worship service so they can begin learning how the church worships God together. We provide weekly, fill-in-the-blank sermon notes to help keep your child engaged with the teaching of God’s Word. Included on the sermon notes are Family Discussion questions to equip families to engage in healthy conversation and reflect on the sermon together. Once a month the 3rd-5th graders will create and teach the preschoolers their new Scripture memory song. 

At RH we do not take lightly that you are entrusting us with the safety of your children while they are in our care. We work to ensure that all our children’s environments are safe and secure. Each of our children’s spaces is supervised by multiple volunteers who have been vetted and trained toward this end. Since we share our kids' space with another organization, we make sure to clean all surfaces and toys before and after each service. 


**If you have a child with special needs, we would love to partner with you in ministering to your child. Please contact us for more information.**

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