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There’s a reason why so many children want to be superheroes for halloween. We all love a good hero story. Don’t we? We all resonate with a powerful person stepping in to defeat a powerful enemy to redeem a people in a dire situation. I think there’s a reason we love hero stories. It’s because, if we’re honest, we know we all live in a dire situation. We know we all live in a broken world. That this life we have, though often full of joy, is quite full of suffering, heartache, disappointment, and brokenness. The reality is: we all long for a real hero in real life. We all watch superhero movies with a deep longing, wishing our brokenness could be mended, our hope could be restored.

Well, at RH, we believe the Bible is a story about a real hero and his name is Jesus. You see, the Bible is a book, not of inspiring quotes, but a true story about a real hero. The Bible tells us that God created everything we see, and he created everything good. He created man and woman to enjoy loving him, enjoy loving each other, and enjoy caring for the world. The problem is, we chose not to do that. We chose not to love God as we should, not to love one another as we should, and not care for his creation as we should. Instead, we chose to worship creation as if it was God, and not worship God as God. That’s when all the brokenness in our world began, and it has continued from generation to generation. We rejected God and ruined His world. But God, in his love, didn't leave us in our rebellion. He sent us the perfect Hero, His Son, Jesus. The real Hero in real life who has no kryptonite. The Bible tells us that we cannot save ourselves from the mess we’ve made. But with God all things are possible. And so Jesus, the real hero in real life laid down his life for us, paying the penalty for our sin on the cross. And for three days, it seemed the darkness had won…But remember, with God all things are possible, and 3 days after he died, Jesus walked out of the grave alive and well, proving that he’s the conquering hero of everything we have to fear, sin and death.

After these events, the rest of the Bible tells us about God’s heart to spread this news into the entire world so that all peoples everywhere may hear and believe in the good news that Jesus, the real hero in real life, loves you, gave himself for you, and calls you even today to turn from your sin and trust in him for true life and lasting joy forever.

If you don’t have a church home, we’d love to unpack more of this story for you here at RH. The best way for you to hear more about the real hero, Jesus is by joining us on a Sunday morning, right here at the Stowe YMCA at 10AM. Thanks for tuning in to this message, and we hope you will find rest in the real hero in real life, Jesus.